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Jesse Wright - Vocals

Influences - Disturbed, Slipknot

Listening To - Disturbed (Believe), Slipknot (Iowa), Cold (Year of the  Spider)

Hobbies - golf and other sports, and making fun of street racers

Chris Lawson - Vocals

Influences - Joey Jordison, Matt McDonugh, Burton Bell, Pete Loefler

Listening To - Slipknot (self-titled), Fear Factory (Digimortal), Chevelle (Wonder Whats Next), Mushroomhead (XIII)

Hobbies - Restoration of cars, metal work

Charlie Davis - Lead and Rythem Guitar

Influences - Clint Lowery, Tom Maxwell, Andrew Goldman, Aaron Fink, Adam Jones

Listening To - Tool (Lateralus), Sevendust (Seasons), Lifer (Self-titled), The Junior Varsity (The Great Compromise)

Hobbies - Hockey, fishing

Brent Baker - Rythem Guitar

Influences - System of a Down, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust

Listening To- Slipknot (Vol.3), System of a Down (self-titled), Sevendust (self-titled)

Hobbies - Skateboarding, Dirt Bikes, Mountain Biking

Charlie Auer - bass

Influences - Ryan Martinie, Les Claypool, John Myung

Listening To -  Coldplay (Rush of Blood to the Head), Mudvayne (L.D.50), Mudvayne (End of All Things to Come)

Hobbies - Speed Skating, Paintballing


Jared Wolland - Drums

Influences -  Slipknot, Mudvayne, Slitheryn, Taxi War Dance

Listening To - Ra (From One), Tree of Pain, Slitheryn

Hobbies - Auto Racing